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BoostXP  BoostXP 2.00
BoostXP is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Windows utility that lets you fine-tune Windows and Internet Explorer and makes your computer run faster. Whether you want to tweak your Windows registry, clean up your hard drive, erase tracks, or increase your multimedia and game performance, BoostXP's integrated suite of programs can get your system running at peak performance levels.

AD Sender  AD Sender 4.0
AD Sender - the fastest and safest ad broadcasting system in the World, easily broadcasting 3,006,477,107 messages in 6 hours. Now you can blast your global ads to Hundreds of Millions of PC users quickly, easily and safely. Use our Spam Free revolutionary AD Sender IP Based Messaging System. It will send your messages directly to the computer screen of the people you wanted to see your advertisement instantly!

AAA KewlBar - Free Pop Up Blocker  AAA KewlBar - Free Pop Up Blocker 5.1
Pop Up Ad Window Killer Stopper for Internet Explorer, AOL, and Oultook Express

  KH Blocker 2.3.1
KH Blocker is an Ad Blocker. It blocks Ads before they even begin to load. KH Blocker doesn?t just hide them on the website, it removes them. Don?t waste bandwidth downloading Ads!. KH Blocker can also protects against spyware, viruses, etc before they even get a chance to install themselves. KH Blocker ensures the websites they come from are blocked. This prevents them from being installed in the first place.
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RiadaBillboard  RiadaBillboard 1.13
RiadaBillboard: Complete web slideshow/banner rotation environment. Rotate banners, slideshows, advertisements, images, photos, billboards and panels with over 20 eye catching transitions! Includes sizzling effects such as fades, checkers, scrolls and random transitions. Easily complete projects in just minutes using the simple Design Environment - select banners, specify the transition, then publish the completed slideshow project - Simple!
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Spam Nuker  Spam Nuker 2006
Spam Nuker is what you need if you want to guard yourself against junk mail, spam, and other Internet debris. Nuke them all out of your mailbox and gain your deserved freedom! A must-have new weapon to your e-mail arsenal. Never again will you have your mailbox overloaded with junk mail. If you are tired of the frustration of receiving more annoying spam than real email, then the time has come for you to do something. - Download Spam Nuker Free!
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Popup Nuker  Popup Nuker 2006
DO YOU HATE POP UP ADS? Get your Freedom back with POPUP-NUKER! Don't you ever get tired of closing those annoying popup ads? Has your browser ever crashed under the burden of dozens of online commercials? You must have noticed how much pop up ads slow you computer and your Internet access. That is why the POPUP-NUKER, the coolest, incredibly fast and efficient pop up terminator, was created. STOP POPUPS FROM INVADING YOUR BROWSING EXPERIENCE!
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Sir AdGuard  Sir AdGuard 1.0
Sir AdGuard is the latest in ad blocking technology. Immunize your system from thousands of adsites, tracking cookies, spyware, Active-X controls, Browser Helper Objects, and more! Effectively blocks nearly 90% of all web advertisements. Sir AdGuard connects to our weekly updated AdSite Database and blocks the latest threats. Boost to your internet browsing speed enhance your Internet security and privacy.
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Anti-AD Guard PRO  Anti-AD Guard PRO 2.1.2
Anti-AD Guard PRO is a banners filter program that blocks ads from being loaded by browsers, ICQ, MSN Messenger, MetaCafe, Kazaa, PalTalk and any other software you want. The product is user-friendly and very simple in use. It works right after the installation - there is no need to customize any addition settings.
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Random Password Manager Enterprise Ed.  Random Password Manager Enterprise Ed. 1.19.050623
Password randomization of your common accounts on all your systems. Web based interface allows your Help Desk to get the current password in effect for each system. SQL Server based solution.
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Sureshot PopUp Killer  Sureshot PopUp Killer 3.10
Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen. Each time a pop up is closed you will hear a cute sound effect. To allow pop-up windows you can temporarily disable the pop-up killer by holding Control, Shift or 'a'.
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StopCop Popup Software  StopCop Popup Software 2.03b
Automatically kill annoying pop up windows. StopCop will stop all possible types of popups, including windows spam messages, browser popup windows and pop-under windows, and even in-line browser advertising popups. This fast and easy-to-use software allows you to completely control whether you want popup advertisments appearing on your pc, or interrupting your browsing, and allows you to easily toggle the blocking on or off if you wish.
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Anti-AD Guard  Anti-AD Guard
Anti-AD Guard is a powerful program that blocks commercial banners from being loaded by browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc). The super powerful heuristic analyzer allows blocking even the new formats of advertisements without updating the program. The product works right after the installation - there is no need to customize any addition settings in the program or browser.
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  NCD Command Tool for dos 1.0
The NCD.EXE allows you to control NCD products directly from a command line interface in DOS. NCD.EXE does NOT require 3rd party tools or components, as it speaks directly to DOS. With NCD.EXE, you may test and control an NCD device directly without programming. It can also be used in a batch file to do complex jobs or called in your own program. NCD.EXE is a free distribution for use ONLY with NCD products.
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Account Reset Console  Account Reset Console 2.50.050403
The Account Reset Console provides your Help Desk with a fully audited and delegated way to reset your domain account passwords/account flags via any web browser. One of the most common requests to your help desk is from users that have forgotten their passwords and need them reset. Organizations need a simple, yet secure way to perform this common activity while complying with the control and auditing requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC...
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